6 Tips on How to Replace Ford Headlights

Just like in any other cars,6 Tips on How to Replace Ford Headlights Articles¬†Ford headlights may come in a variety. You may find a headlight for Ford Taurus different from those for Ford Explorer, Ford F150 and Ford Focus. You can get all these parts from authorised Ford dealers or directly from the manufacturer. But what will you do when it’s time to replace your Ford headlights? Will you decide to replace them yourselves or will you need help from dealers?


Well, you can actually replace the headlights on your own provided you have a background on how you will be able to fulfil this task. You can always ask the help of Ford dealers if you want. They can give you instructions on how to do the entire process successfully. Here’s a word of advice though: You should not experiment on changing Ford headlights. These sensitive parts may cost you more if you haven’t replaced them right.


How to replace Ford headlights properly


These instructions can help you replace your headlights with a smile. In fact, even none do-it-yourself enthusiasts may be able to do.


  1. Make sure you remove the part that surrounds the housing first. This can be a metal trim or an exposed plastic. You should do this so you can reach through the adjusting screws and retaining ring in the headlights.


  1. Make sure you also have the right tool for the removal of the headlight’s four retaining ring screws. The screws may get corroded most of the time so they can easily be stripped. You should use penetrating oil when going through this process. Allow parts to soak in the oil solution for some time and make sure you’re careful enough not to move the headlight aiming screws.


  1. After removing the rings, you can work freely on your Ford headlights. This means that you can start replacing them. But before you do that, make sure that you have unplugged the headlamp’s wiring connector which can be found on its back.


  1. Now you can work on plugging the connector into your new Ford headlights. Place the lights carefully on the base. Don’t be too worried doing this process as lugs found on the headlight will help in its proper positioning. If you think, something is wrong with the way it fits, you can check on how you positioned the headlights.


  1. After installation, you may now test if your Ford headlights are working. If any problem seems to show, it means that something is wrong with your wiring connector and not with your headlight.


  1. To fasten the new headlights, the retaining rings should be replaced. Make sure that the adjusting screws’ settings are not disturbed. In line with this, make sure you’ve repositioned all the parts that you removed before you started replacing your Ford headlights.


Looking at the steps provided above, do you still think you can’t replace Ford headlights on your own? Well, don’t worry. You can always run to Ford dealers for help. You are allowed to do so in order for you not to compromise the safety whilst you drive just because you missed on putting the Ford headlights correctly. 1/4 to mm

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