7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Backyard With OUTDOOR KITCHENS

OUTDOOR KITCHENS are the perfect way to expand your home’s functionality and make the most of your backyard. gas heaters They can be used for cooking, dining and entertaining. These spaces can also help you save money on your utility bills.

Spend More Time Outside With Nature

Creating an outdoor kitchen can help you enjoy the outdoors while reducing stress and increasing your health and fitness. Fresh air and sunshine have been proven to boost mood and lower anxiety levels.

Preparing meals outdoors eliminates the need to leave smelly food lingering in your home for days. Unlike indoor kitchens, where foods like fish or deep-fried items may leave a bad smell, cooking outdoors is odorless and leaves no lingering stench in the air.

Keep Your Indoor Kitchen Cool and Clean

Cooking outside keeps the heat out of your indoor kitchen, which reduces your energy bill by keeping your air conditioning from having to work as hard to cool the space. This is particularly useful in summer when the temperature can rise and your kitchen becomes a hot, uncomfortable mess.

Take it Easy with More Function and Storage

The most basic of patio kitchens features a grill, sink and refrigerator, but you can add additional appliances to enhance your outdoor kitchen’s functionality. For example, a pizza oven or flat-top griddle adds culinary versatility to your patio kitchen layout. You can also consider a smoker, kamado or power burner to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen experience.

Centralize Culinary Activity

When designing your outdoor kitchen, make sure to incorporate cabinets that will accommodate all of the kitchen appliances. These will help you keep things organized and make it easier to stay focused while preparing food.

Use a ‘U’ Shape Design to Maximize Space

Where space is at a premium, an “U” shape outdoor kitchen layout offers you a great counter and preparation surface area as well as ample storage. This configuration also makes it possible for you to divide the area into multiple workstations, which can be a huge advantage when you entertain.

You can even have a bar in your patio kitchen if you’re a big eater or host events often. It can be a great place for your guests to gather and watch you prep food or drink cocktails while enjoying the weather.

Add a Bar or Stand-alone Island to Your Outdoor Kitchen

Adding a bar to your patio kitchen can be a great way to expand the space. A bar can be a standalone unit, or it can be integrated into a larger bar that includes a sink, garnish area, a glassware station, kegerator and wine cooler.

Add a Built-In Grill and Sink to Your Outdoor Kitchen

A built-in gas grill is a common choice for most patio kitchens, but there are several options to consider when planning yours. You can also include a side burner, compact refrigerator or trash bin to make the most of your space.

Build a Custom Outdoor Kitchen That Meets Your Needs and Budget

Whether you’re looking to extend your indoor kitchen outside or just want a nice place to relax and enjoy the summer sun, an outdoor kitchen can be an excellent addition to your home. When considering your outdoor kitchen plans, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and how you plan to use the space, says Gregg Cantor, president of Murray Lampert Design in Chicago.

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