When you hear a good dad joke, you can’t help but laugh out loud. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or looking for a few new side-splitting ones to add to your repertoire, these best dad jokes will have everyone groaning with giggles.

Despite their eye-rolling quality, dad jokes are not just stupid puns meant to embarrass children in the name of fatherly love. They serve a much more valuable pedagogical purpose, according to Marc Hye-Knudsen, a humour researcher and lab manager at Aarhus University’s Cognition and Behavior Lab. “By teasingly striking at their kids’ egos and emotions, without teetering into bullying, fathers are teaching them to withstand minor attacks and bouts of negative emotion. This can be especially useful for adolescent children who are prone to embarrassment and whose self-esteem is easily wounded by the perceived slights of peers.”

In this collection of hilariously lame puns, you’ll find everything from why a nose can’t be 12 inches long (because then it would be a foot) to why a student ate their homework (because it was thinly sliced cabbage). And these silly, corny jokes will get you laughing in no time.

A perfect gift for fathers and upcoming fathers, this funny book includes a full arsenal of dad jokes, silly quips and witty one-liners that will have kids giggling and parents groaning in delight. A great white elephant gift for any occasion, this laugh-out-loud book is perfect for Father’s Day, road trips, game night and more.

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