Broward’s Gamble City Slots

Among the many gambling destinations that call Broward County home, the Gamble City is a cut above the rest. As the name suggests, it is home to some of the state’s largest casinos. Among them are the MGM Grand, Motor City and the Golden Gate, as well as racinos and pari-mutuel betting facilities. Some of the casinos are within easy walking distance of one another. Fortunately for the uninitiated, the casinos are relatively clean. The MGM Grand in particular is a well-oiled machine.

While the MGM Grand is the flagship of the franchise, the Golden Gate has a more intimate feel. A few sultry nights at Golden Gate might be all you need to appreciate the charms of this stomping ground. The best part is that the city is a mere 25 minutes from Miami, making it a day trip for a weekend warrior. While in town, you’ll have the opportunity to sample some of the best restaurants in the state. It might not be the most glamorous city in the country, but you’ll have a lot of upscale dining options and entertainment to choose from. You’ll also find a number of upscale hotels. The most notable sexiest aspect of the city is its nightlife, which makes it the perfect destination for a girls’ night out.

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Getting lucky with the pokies in Las Vegas, or hitting the big time in Atlantic City, New Jersey are two good ways to spend your hard earned money. For the most part, slot machines are the main attraction in gaming halls. You might be surprised to know that the US has more than eight hundred thousand of these little machines. Fortunately, many of these machines pay out at least the minimum. Depending on the slot machine, you may get lucky enough to get back about fifty cents for every dollar you put into the machine.

The best part is, many of these casinos have racinos right on the property, making for an endless night of entertainment. You can choose from a variety of slot machine types, such as reel and video, and table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. You can even try your luck on a horse race track, or if you’re feeling flush, the casinos offer shuttle services to nearby racetracks. If you’re in the mood to try your hand at poker, the Fort Lauderdale casinos offer a variety of tables for all levels of play.

The best casinos in the area are not only known for their games, but they also offer excellent food, entertainment and lodging options. There are two major casino towns in the area, and they are a quick drive from each other.

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