Business Center in Qatar

Business center in Qatar offer ready-made offices at a charge, saving you the trouble of setting up an office from scratch. They have meeting rooms, wifi and other facilities. They are a great place to get work done, or meet clients or partners. These centres also have reception services so you don’t have to worry about finding someone to answer your phone when you are not around.

Business centers are a great option for those looking to expand their businesses abroad. They provide a flexible workspace that is perfect for a small business and can be rented on short or long term contracts. They have everything you need to run your business smoothly, from receptionists and coffee to wifi and meeting rooms. They can also help you find a local contact and help you with the process of setting up your business in Qatar.

In addition to traditional offices, there are also co-working spaces in Qatar which allow you to rent a desk or table in a shared space with other entrepreneurs. These spaces often have amenities such as wifi, fax machines and photocopiers. The advantage of these co-working spaces is that they are a lot less expensive than renting an entire office and you can easily make friends and business connections in the same location.

A key aspect of doing business in Qatar is ensuring that all documents and legal contracts are written in Arabic. While you can still use English on invoices and service lists, it is important to have a translator on hand to translate the documents into Arabic when required. This will ensure that your company can pass any import checks that may be imposed on it.

There are many different types of companies that can be established in Qatar, including private limited liability companies and joint ventures. In general, foreign investors can own up to 49% of a Qatari company while one or more Qatari shareholders must hold the remaining 51%. In some sectors, the Minister of Economy and Commerce may permit foreigners to hold up to 100% ownership of a Qatari company.

If you are planning to set up a company in Qatar, it is advisable to seek the advice of a lawyer or consultant to guide you through the process. A legal adviser will help you with the registration, paperwork and licensing requirements. They will also advise you on taxation and labour laws. They will also be able to refer you to any additional specialist advisors that you might require.

Our Shoumoukh Towers business centre in Doha is a stylish, prestigious place to do business in the heart of the city. You can operate alongside major figures in the Qatari diversifying economy, in sectors such as oil and gas, aviation and tourism, in an attractive building that is a landmark on the skyline. The centre is conveniently located in a busy, energetic part of town, with good access to the C-Ring road and regular bus routes.

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