Button Head Screw are high strength fasteners with a rounded head that is driven by a socket wrench. They feature a larger bearing surface than standard hex head screws and can be driven at higher torque specifications than traditional phillips or slotted head screws. Their large head also distributes the force of tightening more evenly than other screw drive types. The wide diameter of the head also makes them ideal for applications where space is limited, especially when a countersink is not possible.

Stainless steel button socket cap screws are available in various head styles and lengths to meet specific application requirements. Metric & Multistandard carries ISO 7380 Button Socket Head Cap Screws in Property Class 10.9, along with A2 and A4 Stainless Steel.

Socket cap screws have an internal hex drive and are used in many mechanical applications. They are primarily tensile fasteners, meaning they clamp and hold parts together, and have some shear applications as well. They can be used with a variety of drivers, including hex or allen drives.

Different head types offer a range of advantages for particular applications and are designed with different aesthetics in mind. Pan head, cheese head and mushroom head screws are common choices. Pan head screws have a rounded top that is free from pointed edges, and are ideal for use where there are potential safety issues, such as on doors or machinery.

Cheese heads have cylindrical sides with a flat disc top that is similar to the shape of a piece of cheese. They are an ideal choice for tight spaces, and have the added benefit of being able to accommodate a hex or allen drive tool. Mushroom head screws have a domed top and are commonly seen on light fixtures or furniture. They are a great alternative to pan heads where extra strength or a more visually appealing look is required. Button Head Screw

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