Car Registration Check – Don’t Get Ripped Off

So you are thinking of buying a car from either a dealer or from a private individual. How do you know the car you are looking to buy is legit? Every year in the UK tens of thousands of cars are sold with a previous history that ends up costing the new owner a lot of money, stress and even the loss of their new car.

When you first look at a car you can find out a lot of information as long as you know what you are looking for. You have to know the right questions to ask and how to check certain things which could be an indicator of a car with previous history.

Unfortunately just checking a car is not always enough, even the most seasoned motorist can be fooled into thinking that they are buying a legitimate car. The only sure way to confirm if there is something suspect about a car is if you do a car registration check.

A car reg check uk can provide you will all the information you need to be able to make an informed decision about a car that you want to buy. There is no way you can know certain things about a cars history by just looking at it. Even the person selling the car to you may not be aware of its previous history and maybe selling the car in all innocence.

Did you know for example that almost 1 in 7 of all cars that are registration checked are reported to have a different VIN number or vehicle identification number. You do not want to risk buying one of the half a million cars that are insurance write offs every year in the UK. As many as 4 in every 100 cars that the HPI check turn out to have previously been written off.

It is hard to believe that cars are brought and sold unknowingly by the buyer and sometimes the seller where the car is stolen or has outstanding finance. A registration check on the car will prevent you from having to lose your money as stolen cars have to legally be returned to their legitimate owners.

Buying a car has become a minefield and you do not know whether the car has been cloned or clocked or cut and shut. There is believed to be as many as 1 in 12 vehicles that have some sort of discrepancy. If you buy one of these vehicles it could end up costing you thousands to fix or you could even end up losing your new vehicle or even end up being unwittingly entangled with the police if you are stopped with a suspect car.

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