Choosing a Hair Blower

Hair blower is a device used to dry and shape the hair of a person. It consists of an electric motor and a fan. The electric motor rotates a blade in order to generate airflow, which in turn carries the heat from the heating element. This warm air then gets blown out of the end of the blow dryer barrel.

The ions generated by the heating elements reduce static electricity in your hair and speed up the evaporation of water from the surface of the strand. As a result your hair takes less time to dry and the cuticles remain closed, which creates beautifully smooth and shiny hair.

Most professionals recommend a blow dryer with a powerful enough motor to produce 1800 watts of power. This means the motor can produce a substantial amount of heat in an instant, which will shorten the drying time significantly.

The most common types of hair dryers are made of titanium or ceramic, both of which can be good for your hair depending on how often you use it and what type of hair you have. Ceramic tends to be more lightweight and doesn’t get as hot as titanium, which can help prevent damage while you’re using the blow dryer.

The most important feature to consider when choosing a hair dryer is how it works with your specific hair type. For example, a diffuser attachment is a must for curly and wavy hair types that wish to embrace their natural texture while a narrow nozzle can be great for smoothing frizz prone locks. Also, for fine hair, look for a dryer that has low heat settings since higher temps can damage fragile strands. hair blower

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