Custom 360 Printed Socks for Non-Profit Events

Whether your event is a marathon, charity walk, or some other athletic endeavor, custom socks are an easy way to spread your brand message to all who attend. Your branded socks can also be worn by your donors and volunteers at home, keeping your non-profit organization top of mind for more than just the duration of your event.

When you select a custom sock style with The/Studio, you will be prompted to first choose the cuff style (no-show, quarter cuff, crew, or knee-high) and then the fabrication method (jacquard knit or dye-sublimated). Once your selection is complete you can begin working on your design.

Our most popular fabrication method is jacquard knit, which means that your design is actually woven directly into the sock itself, rather than printed on top of it like other sock printing methods. This allows for long-lasting, durable graphics and logos that won’t fade with repeated use or wear and tear. Jacquard knit is also the best option for creating repeating patterns.

Dye-sublimated socks, on the other hand, are a great choice for wild designs that incorporate lots of different colors and complex shading. Using this method allows for exact color matches and shades, so the final sock will look just like your digital proof – but keep in mind that due to the fuzzy nature of the sock fiber, fine details and narrow lines can sometimes get blurry or disappear altogether.

Once your sock design is finished, it will be sent to our microsockery, where it will be heat-printed onto DeFeet socks with a 360 degree sublimation printer onsite. Each pair of socks will be individually polybagged and bundled with a clear size sticker for distribution. custom 360 printed socks

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