Custom Grip Socks Wholesale

Designed to keep you safe and secure on the trampoline, grip socks feature rubber or silicone attached to the bottom of a normal sock. The rest of the sock can be any comfortable, breathable material like cotton or polyester. The socks can be customized with a design, logo or text for use on trampoline parks or at home.

Often required at barre and Pilates studios, grip socks are popular with fitness enthusiasts and athletes. The grips on the sole help prevent slippage and maximize traction, even on smooth surfaces. This has allowed users to push themselves harder in workouts without worrying about falling or hurting their feet. The grippy socks are also easy to wear and wash, allowing for a more comfortable and cleaner experience than regular socks.

The most common types of grip socks have either a single-tread or double-tread pattern, and come in various colors and sizes. The sock base can be customized to feature a color-coded design or your company’s logo, and the gripper bottom is a great way to advertise your brand in a unique way.

The team at Shape tested the grippy socks in real-life Pilates, barre and yoga classes to evaluate their performance, breathability, durability and comfort. They found that the Maddie grip sock, for example, is perfect for barre and Pilates because its low profile design hugs the ankle and the heel tab protects the Achilles. It also features compression that feels like a hug on the foot, allowing you to focus on form and move comfortably. custom grip socks wholesale

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