Dress Up Like Wednesday in the Wednesday Addams Costume Shop

Wednesday Addams Costume Shop
Whether you’re dressing your little one up as Wednesday for Halloween or your child wants to dress up like the spooky character in her new Netflix series, we’ve got all the outfits you need to create an instantly iconic look. From black tulle dresses to her Rave’N Dance uniform to classic Mary Jane heels, there’s something for everyone who loves the dark, mysterious daughter of the Addams family.

The ZABERRY Women’s Long Sleeve Peter Pan Collar Fit Flare Dress is the perfect option for any girl who wants to channel Wednesday from her new Netflix series. The dark color and long sleeves will keep her warm in the fall, while the Peter Pan collar adds a spooky touch. The fit and flare design flatters all body types, and the tulle lace skirt will give her a full, spooky look. This is a great costume for any occasion, and can even double as a dress she can wear throughout the year.

If your child’s favorite character is Wednesday from the Netflix show, they’ll love this Rave’N Dance uniform dress that mimics the one Jenna Ortega wore during her famous dance sequence. The dark colors and matching hat will make them stand out at any party, and the velvet lining will provide extra warmth for trick-or-treating in colder weather. Pair this with a MAC cosmetics lipstick to recreate the exact shade used by Tara McDonald on the series, and you’re ready for any rave or dance party. https://www.wednesday-addams-costume.com/collection/wednesday-addams-children-costume/

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