Electronic Analytical Balance Price

Electronic analytical balance price
A lab instrument used to measure the mass of small samples with extreme precision. These high quality laboratory weighing machines are widely used in science, research, analytical chemistry, and quality control applications where even minuscule differences can have major effects.

METTLER TOLEDO’s ME-T series of electronic analytical balances combine essential functionality with solid performance. Designed for use in your most sensitive routine weighing applications, these analytical balances offer a robust metal base that reduces sources of error and interference to provide the highest level of weighing accuracy, repeatability and reliability.

Featuring an optimized TFT color touchscreen that is operable with gloves on, ME-T’s large and easy to read display delivers all the critical weighing information you need. In addition, the monobloc weighing cell with ProFACT automatic internal adjustment ensures long balance life. The integrated patented StaticDetect system eliminates static charge interference with your results and can be combined with an optional ionizing module to eliminate the static interference of powders or liquids in the chamber. The StatusLight and LevelControl features actively check that all the conditions for correct weighing have been met to give you right-first-time results.

The internal calibration feature of the ME-T ensures accurate weighing results and reduces the need for external calibration weights, saving time and money in your everyday weighing operations. This method of internal calibration works by using a built-in patented digital servo and advanced displacement detection system that performs the necessary adjustments to the measurement equation. It is a fast and accurate method that is the preferred option for many ISO auditors. The ME-T offers two choices of internal calibration: standard or advanced. electronic analytical balance price

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