Employer Recruitment Services UK

The UK labour market has remained strong, even during the pandemic, with one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe. With a steady flow of job vacancies and demand for flexible work arrangements, it’s no surprise that many businesses seek the help of recruitment agencies to meet their hiring needs.

When a company has a position they need to fill, they provide the agency with a job description. The recruitment firm then searches their database or posts a job advert to recruit candidates for the role. They will usually put forward the most suitable applicants to the employer, who then conducts interviews.

For candidates, working with a recruitment agency can save time and effort by allowing them to focus on their job search. They also provide access to positions that aren’t advertised elsewhere and often have a good knowledge of the industry they specialise in. When using a recruitment agency, it’s advisable to be honest about the type of work you’re looking for and keep in regular contact with your consultant. It’s also important to accept interviews unless you have a valid reason not to and to provide feedback after each interview.

The UK’s diverse employment landscape offers a variety of contract types to suit varying employee and business requirements. Permanent contracts offer stability and security, while temporary or fixed-term roles allow for flexibility. Day-rate contractors and limited companies operating via Personal Service Companies (PSCs) are distinct work arrangements that offer greater freedom while navigating legislation such as IR35 determinations. Employer Recruitment Services UK

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