Fast Ecommerce Checkout Startups Shut Down

The ecommerce checkout process is a critical part of the overall customer experience. A seamless and fast payment process helps reduce friction and improve conversion rates. Streamlining the checkout flow and removing unnecessary steps, like account creation requirements, can also lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

But despite these benefits, many online retailers are still weighed down by slow and cumbersome processes. In fact, cart abandonment is a significant problem for most retailers and can be largely attributed to a complex and lengthy checkout process.

To help combat this issue, ecommerce stores should look to optimize their checkout flows by reducing the number of required fields and by allowing customers to skip the add-to-cart step. This can make a huge difference when it comes to cart abandonment and can help increase sales and customer loyalty.

In addition, by allowing customers to autofill their personal and payment information, businesses can drastically decrease the chance of human error during the checkout process. This can be especially important for mobile shoppers, where mistakes are more common due to a lack of keyboard space and smaller screens.

One startup that was working to solve this problem was Fast, a one-click checkout system that received investment from payments giant Stripe and other investors. The company aimed to offer a single-click purchase solution for every site, device and platform. But a source close to the company told Protocol that it failed to raise additional funding quickly enough in the current VC environment and is now shutting down. Fast checkout

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