Gina Approved Curly Hairdresser Melbourne

Finding a good hairdresser is challenging enough, but when you have curly or wavy strands, it’s even more crucial to find one who can treat your hair with the care it needs. A good curl cut requires specific technique training, and not all stylists have undergone this. So, whether you have a few kinks to tame or a head full of ringlets that need a lot of love and attention, we’ve got you covered with our list of Gina Approved salons that are experts in curls (and kinky strands).

Having a great haircut is essential for managing your curls well. A bad cut can lead to frizz, unruly strands or an overall lack of volume. The best curly hairdresser Melbourne is one who understands the unique nature of your curl pattern, works with it and teaches you how to keep your strands in their optimum shape at home.

Wenz Hair in East Melbourne is a cult favourite for all things curls and kinks. They use a deconstructed dry cutting method that allows their clients to go with the flow of their strands, creating shapes that compliment their face shape, lifestyle and natural curl patterns. They have also been teaching clients how to maintain their textured strands using manageable routines that run in line with the Curly Girl Method for years.

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