Have It Flaunt It – Funky, Hand Painted Cocktail and Martini Glasses!

Tell her to toss aside those boring, plain cocktail glasses and opt for these red-hot hand painted Lolita glasses that are all the rage at the moment. Fresh from the US, these unique Lolita glasses have taken the UK by storm. Individually hand painted with wild and funky designs, each cocktail glass also comes with a easy-to-make recipe at the bottom to meet any social emergency! These glasses are a must for the party animal, for the girl who loves entertaining at home and for just about any gal who likes to flaunt her style even when it comes to her cocktail glass!

These Lolita glasses make great ice-breakers at parties and transform even a simple evening of drinks with friends into a lively treat for the senses.

Here’s the cream of the crop of funky, Lolita cocktail and martini glasses.

1. Sex on the Beach Glass – Ideal for – what else – the Sex on the Beach cocktail. Umm, at last there’s a glass that is unabashedly saucy and captures the essence of her favourite cocktail. This funky martini glass, complete with the Sex on the Beach motif, carries the whiff of salty sea spray while trapping glorious sunshine in its hand decorated glass body. Don’t miss the dreamy vodka and schnapps cocktail recipe at the bottom.

2. Girl’s Best Friend Glass – No prizes for guessing what the answer is. Yes, diamonds. She can now down her martinis from this gorgeous cocktail glass, complete with a diamond-studded (oh, alright, fake diamonds) slender stem. What an eloquent symbol of all that is so essential for a girl! This stunning cocktail glass celebrates the spirit of ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

3. ‘Who Needs a Man’ Glass – Getting over a boyfriend? She can get over ‘him’ in style with this aptly named, ‘Who needs a man?’ martini glass. Come to think of it, who needs a man (read boor) to mess up her life when she can have a blast with all her girlfriends? The hand-painted, ‘girl power design’ sagely lists all the fun things she can still do even though she feels like her world has collapsed. A real pick-me up in the truest sense of the word!

4. Shopaholic Martini Glass – This is yet another hot ” happening new item, just in from the US. A funky, hand painted glass with a difference, and one that will delight the compulsive shopper. In fact, the die-hard shopaholic is sure to need a few cocktails to forget the horror of that latest credit card bill! And it has a neat recipe at the bottom too.

5. Red Hot Tini Martini Glass – A red hot glass for the red hot diva! It is easily the season’s most ‘hip’ thing that ever happened to martini glasses. Quite simply, it takes the definition of a humble glass to a whole new level. With red hearts dotting its surface and completely covering the stem, this unique, hand-painted martini glass has taken UK by storm. A must for the fiery ‘passionate’ types, complete with a spicy cocktail recipe to boot.

6. Love Potion Glass – Transform her into an enchanting seductress with this gorgeous hand painted martini glass that holds more than just her favourite drink. Go ahead and play Cupid for yourself. Just serve her a magic cocktail in this delightful hand painted cocktail glass and see the love potion take effect!

7. Flirtini Martini Glass – Acknowledge her as the undisputed queen of flirtation by serving her a delicious cocktail in this saucy, naughty glass. That flirty ‘wink’ design says it all while the flirtatious champagne cocktail recipe at the bottom is a must to set the mood! This glass is for the woman who believes in making a style statement even with her cocktail glass. No ordinary (boring) glass for this queen of flirting!

8. Leopardtini Martini Glass – Is this a martini glass or a sleek leopard?! All eyes will be on her as she sips from this super funky glass, the feline glitter in her eyes matching the leopard design of this unique glass. It’s fun, functional and fabulously collectible.. diamond painting

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