Health Issues May Be Caused by Improper Indoor Humidity

Itchy skin? Nose Bleeds? Upper respiratory aggravations or bad static electricity? Sore throats or frequent colds? These symptoms may send you running to the family doctor but the solution may be right in your own home. These may be signs of low indoor humidity. Have you also noticed shrinking doors or wood molding? How about aggravated allergy or asthma symptoms?

The optimal indoor humidity is between 35-45%. Most Gwinnett homes average around 16% during the winter. We Atlantans don’t think about winter humidity because we spend so much time and money trying to rid ourselves of humidity during the hot summers. However, the same humidity rules apply in the winter, just in reverse. Lack of humidity in winter can be just as bad as excessive humidity in summer. Maintaining healthy levels is the key.

Proper indoor humidity is crucial to health and comfort during the winter. According to medical experts, viruses and colds thrive in low humidity environments, making your family more susceptible. Proper indoor humidity also makes you feel warmer at lower temperatures. Indoor activities such as showers, cooking and clothes drying do not provide the necessary level of humidity to feel comfortable and stay healthy. The solution? A whole house humidifier that runs automatically whenever your heating system turns on. We recommend Aprilaire™.

An Aprilaire™Whole House Humidifier is installed directly into the supply run of your heating system and is controlled by a wall humidistat. It provides even, consistent humidity at your fingertips and ensures your whole house is maintained, not just one room. Plus Aprilaire™ humidifiers distribute moisture as a pure water vapor, so there are no water droplets or mist that can carry impurities, like minerals and bacteria. Aprilaire’s™ safe, flow-through evaporative design ensures these harmful elements are either deposited on the replaceable water panel evaporator or flushed down the drain.

There are several models from which to choose. Your home’s size and your family’s living patterns are just a few of the variables considered when choosing a whole house humidifier. We have been selling and installing Aprilaire™ humidifiers for decades and we trust their quality (in our own home as well.. Ac parts near me

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