Hire a Mini Golf Course For Your Next Party

If you’re looking for some great entertainment for your next event or function hire a portable crazy golf course for your guests to play on. These courses can be used indoors and outdoors, all year round, and will fit safely on any flat surface. They can be hired individually or as a set and each package includes everything you need for your golfing fun, including putters, low bounce balls, numbered hole marker cones, scorecards and friendly stewards if required.

Mini golf, a variant of the traditional game of golf, is played on artificial putting greens with geometrically-shaped obstacles. These may include ramps, tubes, tunnels, moving obstacles, and walls. While it often resembles its parent game, miniature golf is recognized as a distinct sport by Sport Accord and its member organizations.

There is no age limit for crazy golf or mini golf – any player who can stand upright and hold the putter can enjoy this fantastic little game. It can also be a great team building activity for corporate events and is often seen at university freshers week activities days as it brings out the competitive spirit between students in a playful way.

Unlike more conventional golf, there is no handicapping in mini golf – all players try to complete the course with the lowest number of strokes. Accidental contact with the ball does not count as a stroke, although many courses do limit players to six or seven strokes per hole in order to keep the pace of play moving and to avoid long pauses between turns. hire mini golf

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