How a Custom Suit Can Flatter Your Posture and Body Shape

A custom suit is a high-quality, hand-crafted garment made to your precise measurements. It requires more time, effort, and money than an off-the-rack suit — but it will last much longer, especially if you have your fabric, trimmings, and lining chosen ahead of time. And a suit tailored by an experienced craftsman can flatter your posture and body shape — no matter if you’re short or tall, lean or portly, hunched or upstanding.

Most of the modern “custom” suits you’ll find in stores like Oliver Wicks, Indochino, Blank Label and Black Lapel are actually made-to-measure. They offer a convenient process where you’ll take your own measurements at home, or visit a showroom for an in-person fitting. They then send those measurements to a factory overseas, which will produce your suit in 3-6 weeks.

The better of these MTM brands are able to make basic adjustments to the pattern, usually around jacket/sleeve length and waist circumference. They can also adjust the chest/shoulder width – but they may add an extra charge for this.

A truly bespoke tailor — the sort of expert you’ll find on London’s Savile Row — will provide the ultimate experience. He’ll guide you through the fabric options, advise you on styling choices, and handle the measuring/fitting process. And he will do it all over the course of up to five fittings, ensuring that your suit drapes in a way that flatters your posture and physique — whether you’re hunched or upstanding, slim or portly, slender or broad. Custom suit

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