How Much Do You Know About Pets, Home Insurance Quotes Online and Your Budget?

Buying a house is incredibly confusing. There’s SO much to keep track of. You inevitably have piles of paperwork everywhere, and the legal jargon you have to wade through can make trying to get through law school look like a piece of cake! With that in mind, it ‘s no wonder very few new home owners pay enough attention to their home insurance quotes, online information sources and the small, furred/scaled/smooth pets that call their house a home!

Wait. You have to tell your insurer about your pet, even when you go shopping for home insurance quotes online? Well, yes. It’s not that they care who you decide to co-habit with (in principle). But what if your sharp-toothed roomie decides to take a piece out of the mailman for sticking his hand in a little too close? Your insurance company is going to end up footing the bill for their medical expenses. That makes them EXTREMELY twitchy about the wildlife roaming around your house and how much they’re going to charge you for the privilege!

Here’s what you need to know about your pets, your home and your home insurance quotes:

· Certain pets are considered more dangerous than others. Own a cat? As long as it has its rabies shots your pretty safe. Fish are perfectly acceptable. If you’re raising Rottweilers you may see your rates starting to climb. The alligator in your basement? Forget about it.

· If you do own a pet that’s on American Insurance’s Most Wanted, the best way to save money when you buy your home insurance quotes online is to make it as harmless as possible. Fence in your backyard, enroll them in obedience school, keep their teeth filed and their claws neatly trimmed.

· Every insurance company is different. Just because your old insurer didn’t charge you any extra for keeping your pet at home, don’t count on your new one to do the same. Remember, they have to balance out those insurance claims somehow!

· It may become necessary to find Bob the Bobcat a new home if you’re moving to a populated area that simply doesn’t allow it. It’s sad, but it happens.

Whoever said your pets aren’t part of the family obviously never went shopping for insurance quotes online with them on the roster! Be up front, keep your pets and your neighbors safe, and there’s a good chance that even with 100% disclosure you’ll still manage to walk away with premiums that won’t completely decimate your budget. quote for moving

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