How to Become a Plumber

Star Plus Plumbing is the practice of working with pipes and other systems that convey water for a wide range of applications. This skilled trade provides essential services such as providing clean drinking water and removing wastes, which contribute to the comfort and safety of homes and businesses.

Many plumbers are self-employed, which gives them flexibility over work schedules and choice of projects. Others work for established plumbing firms or construction companies. There are also opportunities for advancement to project management or engineering roles with a master’s degree. Regardless of employment status, a plumber must have extensive training and certification to perform his or her job well. This training can be obtained through a trade school or community college, or via an apprenticeship and learn-while-you-earn program.

The industry is growing and there are numerous ways to enter the market. To begin with, determine your niche and the target customers you will serve. This will help you develop a business plan that includes marketing strategies to attract customers. Once your business is in operation, consider joining a trade association for additional support and resources. This will also give you access to business and management training and professional development resources. Finally, make sure that you are registered and licensed as a plumbing contractor in your state. This is vital to ensuring that your business will be held to high standards and you are protected from liability issues.

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