How to Budget for Moving Expenses

Whether you’re Umzugsskosten across town or across the country, there are lots of little

expenses that can add up. These often include things like movers, truck rental fees,

packing materials, gas and airline tickets. They may not seem like big expenses at

first, but the total can quickly add up and make your move feel more stressful than


It’s always a good idea to budget for a move, but especially when hiring

professionals. You should get estimates from several companies before making a

decision to ensure you’re getting the best price. Moving companies charge based on

the size of your home and how much stuff you have. For example, a local move is

under 100 miles and costs $800-$2,500 while a long-distance move can cost

$2,200-$5,700 or more.

The more stuff you have to move, the more it will cost. This is why it’s important to

declutter before your move. Donating or selling items you no longer need can help

offset some of the expense of moving them. You may even be able to use the

donations as a tax deduction for your move.

A lot of people underestimate the cost of moving supplies and the number of boxes

they will need. One way to save money on these is to check out local grocery,

warehouse or recycling stores for unused boxes. You can also ask friends and family

if they have any to spare. Then there’s the cost of tape, markers and labeling that

can add up as well.

If you have the flexibility, try to move on a weekday rather than a weekend. Prices

for truck rentals and full-service movers tend to be higher on weekends. Plus, if you

can move during the off-season (the months between fall and spring) you might be

able to save more.

When it comes to DIY moves, the most significant expense is the cost of a truck. This

can be a huge amount of money and the reason why we recommend getting

estimates from multiple companies to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Another

expense to consider is the cost of gasoline and tolls. For a long distance move, you’ll

also need to factor in airline tickets and hotel stays, or a car rental and driving

expenses if moving by air.

When creating your budget, think about each line item and the trade-off between

price and convenience. For example, if you hire movers to pack for you, it will reduce

your overall cost but will lengthen your to-do list. Only you can decide what’s worth

the extra work.

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