How to Calculate Gallon Per Minute

Gallon per minute, abbreviated GPM, is a unit of measurement that indicates how much liquid is flowing through a given space in a certain amount of time. This unit of measurement can be found in many different applications, such as water pumps and showerheads. It is important to know how to calculate GPM in order to properly use these different tools. This article will explain the GPM meaning, GPM unit, and GPM formula, so that you can understand how this measurement works.

To calculate GPM, first you must know the head of your pump. This is a measurement of how high the water has to be pumped in order for the system to work. The higher the head, the more GPM a pump will have.

In order to determine the GPM of a specific water source, you can use a simple formula. To do this, simply find the total volume of the water source and divide that by the amount of time it takes to fill a container. This will give you the GPM of your water supply in seconds.

Another way to measure the GPM of a water source is to use a garden hose. This can be done by getting a container, such as a bucket, and recording how long it takes to fill. Then, simply divide the volume of the container by the number of seconds that it took to fill and multiply that result by 60. gallons per minute to litres per minute

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