How to Grip a Bow when Shooting

Knowing how to grip a bow correctly is very important. In fact,How to Grip a Bow when Shooting Articles if you grip it the wrong way, you will not shoot accurately.  Read on for some of the essentials associated with properly gripping a bow.

When you first pick up the bow, you want to hold it on the grip, which is right underneath the middle of the bow stave. Make sure to line up the top of the forefinger with the top of the bow grip.

After this, curl the thumb around the grip. Make sure to push the belly of the bow stave against the bottom of the thumb. Grip the bow relatively loosely.

Stay at a right angle with the target, and the shoulder holding the bow stave pointing towards where you want to shoot.  Always make sure you keep your feet roughly shoulder width apart.  Keep the weight spread evenly to each foot.You need to make sure the pinky stays out of the way. You might want to use the thumb to hold it down.

Then look at the fingers. You want the string to move across the fingers halfway between the tips and your first joint. A number of people have too much of the finger on the string.  This will block it from releasing correctly.

When you start to draw the bow, you want to maintain the same finger position.  One issue a lot of people have is curling the fingers when drawing the bow. This will throw your shot off.

Grip for the bow hand
You always hold the bow with your non-dominant hand. The main thing you need to do with your bow hand is to form a V with the thumb and index finger. At this point, you want to allow the bow handle to rest deeply in the V, and then lightly wrap the thumb and fingers around the handle.

Make sure to curve the fingers so that they do not get in the way of the arrow. Make sure you do not lock the elbow either.

Grip for the string hand
The string hand grip is not the same with everyone. There are multiple grips which are effective. One of the best options is to have two fingers on the string underneath the arrow nock, and one finger on the string on top of the knock.

Keep in mind that this is the way to shoot without the help of the release. However, if you are just starting out then you might want to use the release to make things easier. Use these guidelines, and you should improve your bow shooting shortly. athletic grip socks

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