Improve Your Workspace With Billi Taps

Billi taps are a great way to improve your workspace by allowing employees to easily access chilled filtered water from under the sink. They have the capacity to dispense 15-50 litres per hour of chilled still and sparkling water. With models to suit workspaces of 60+ people, there’s a Billi tap to fit your needs and budget. They also feature premium filters for superior drinking water quality and are incredibly energy efficient, with patented technology that recovers waste heat energy from chilling water and uses it to preheat boiling water.

The ideal addition to your kitchen update, Billi’s filtered boiling and ambient water systems are designed for Australian homes. Often half the size of comparative products, they allow you to add instant boiling, chilled and filtered water into your kitchen without taking up valuable bench space.

Our most popular range of systems, these models offer immediate access to filtered boiling and chilled water at the flick of a lever. With an ambient only option as well, you’ll enjoy room temperature filtered water at the push of a button.

Perfect for reducing the time your team spends waiting around with the kettle, our bubbling taps let them get on with their work while a constant flow of fresh, filtered bubbly drinks is provided. They’re also incredibly energy efficient, with smart patented technology that recovers the heat energy from the aeration of the chilled water and reuses it to preheat the boiling water. And unlike traditional water coolers, they are water-cooled rather than air-cooled – which means no need for unsightly ventilation grilles.

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