Improving Home Care Agency Hiring and Retention

Despite the historic caregiver shortage, it’s still challenging for home care agencies to find and keep quality candidates. In fact, 57% of new hires leave their agency within their first 90 days. Whether it’s due to lack of communication, a difficult onboarding process, or high turnover rates, there are some things that every home care agency can do to improve their hiring and retention.

Agencies should focus on recruiting caregivers that are a good fit for their agency culture and client needs. This includes ensuring that candidates meet all credentialing requirements, and have the right amount of caregiving experience. In addition, agencies should also consider if upskilling programs or incentives can help fill in gaps in the long-term.

Another key consideration is establishing a clear timeline for the application and interview process, and promoting this timeline in all recruitment materials. This can eliminate interview no-shows and ensure that applicants know exactly when they can expect to hear back from their agency.

Finally, it’s important to conduct thorough background checks and reference checks on all caregiver candidates. These checks can help identify red flags, like prior criminal records and financial issues that could affect their ability to provide high-quality care for clients.

Finally, it’s crucial to have a well-organized and interactive onboarding process that ensures all new caregivers are fully prepared for their first day on the job. This includes introducing them to other caregivers, providing training, and assigning them to suitable clients/patients. caregiver agency hiring

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