Industrial Dehydrator

Dehydration is a great way to preserve foods without the use of any chemicals. The process of removing moisture also preserves the vitamins and enzymes found in foods. Dried fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats, and other foods last much longer than commercially prepared or canned versions. The dehydration process also removes any added salt and other preservatives that may cause health issues for some people.

The design of the dehydrator was created to include control of both the temperature and humidity of the drying chamber. The device uses gas as a source of heat energy to make the machine suitable for continuous industrial use. The device will be user-friendly and allow users to create different operation profiles for various crops or food samples. The system will also allow users to download historical operation data. The frontend web interface can be accessed by using the device’s small human-machine interface (HMI) screen or a mobile application via Wi-Fi. This will provide the user with a better understanding of the dehydration process and help them optimize their production. Lastly, the financial feasibility of the dehydror was discussed for low income farmers as it will be available to be leased or rented for use with a pay-as-you-go service on a per unit time basis. This pricing strategy will make the device affordable for most users. industrial dehydrator

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