Live webcams are cameras that record a video stream and make it available on the internet. Live streaming can be used for one-to-one video communication, or to broadcast events such as concerts or lectures. Combined with voice and text chat, webcams are becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages. Live streaming can also be used to create social media content and for customer service or product support.

A webcam can be installed on any type of computer system. Typical consumer-grade webcams use a plastic lens that can be manually moved to focus the camera. This type of lens provides a very narrow depth of field, which is ideal for webcams, since the user can usually be seen looking directly at the screen of the monitor. Professional-grade webcams use a much more sophisticated camera system that can capture an image with high quality, even in low lighting conditions.

Many zoos and other locations have live webcams that allow visitors to view the wildlife from a comfortable distance, without disturbing it. This is an excellent way to explore the world’s most interesting animals, and learn about their habitats.

There are also live webcams of famous cities, such as this one in Amsterdam, which shows the most popular square with highlights like Dam Square, New Church (where the Dutch king and queen got married), National Monument and more. Or, you can follow a live stream from the International Space Station, which orbits above Earth and updates every 15 minutes.

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