New York Kayak Rental Near Me

For those who don’t have their own kayak or are looking for an easy way to get out on the water, there are plenty of options. From ponds to rivers and wetlands to the Atlantic Ocean, New York State is rich with opportunities to paddle. Many parks and organizations offer kayak guides, rentals and tours to help you get out and explore.

Whether you want to learn to kayak or enjoy the quiet of a solo paddle, there’s a kayak rental near me that’s right for you. Depending on the weather, you can paddle on calm lakes and ponds or rougher waters like the Hudson River or the East River for a more arduous experience. If you’re new to paddling, it may be best to stick with lakes or ponds to start.

On Long Island, Breakneck Pond offers a scenic backdrop for a serene paddle. It’s a great place to learn to kayak for beginners and also provides a restful experience for experienced paddlers. The water gets very calm at sunrise or sunset, making these times of day the best time to go paddling.

In the city, Brooklyn Bridge Park hosts free kayaking sessions from Pier 2 for people who don’t have their own boat. The sessions are 20 minutes long and only allow kayaks between piers, allowing people to be sheltered from stronger currents and motorized boats.

In upstate New York, there are many beautiful lakes and rivers to visit for a paddling adventure. Lake Champlain has islands and coves to explore, while the Ausable River is a slow-moving river that can be a relaxing ride for those who aren’t looking for a challenge.

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