Norcold RV AC Units

rv ac units
Norcold specializes in quiet RV refrigerators with hermetically-sealed Sawafuji 12V compressors that are dependable without disturbing noise. They’ve been in the business since 1959. These RV refrigerators are built by an American company, and are a top choice among many RV owners.

Whether you are an avid camper or simply enjoy traveling in your RV with family and friends, Norcold’s quiet RV refrigerators are the perfect companion. These RV refrigerators are durable, and they’re also easy to clean.

If you notice yellow residue behind your refrigerator, or smell an ammonia odor coming from it, this is a sign that the cooling unit has failed and needs to be replaced. If you hear a gurgling sound when heat is applied to the refrigerator, this means that water in the system is boiling due to low pressure in the cooling unit.

Shut off 120VAC at the refrigerator, and disconnect 12VDC at the battery bank. Remove screws that hold the refrigerator in place. It is usually a simple matter of one person giving a hard shove from the back while another pulls from inside the refrigerator to start moving it out of the cabinetry. norcold rv ac units

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