Osteopathy in Dubai

Osteopathy is a holistic health approach that focuses on the musculoskeletal system. It relies on hands-on manual techniques that promote the body’s innate healing processes. Our osteopathic team uses neuromuscular, fascial, craniosacral and visceral techniques to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal imbalances.

Headache – Osteopaths are trained to assess the underlying cause of headaches and can offer preventative treatment as well as advice on managing them. Neck pain / Whiplash – Treatment can help to reduce long term damage to the soft tissue, joint and nerves in the neck area caused by sudden movement or impact. Tennis elbow – Osteopathic treatment for tennis elbow can help to minimize symptoms by postural rebalance and release of tension.

Arthritis – Osteopaths can use a variety of techniques to reduce the impact of arthritis and improve function. They can also advise on ways to manage the condition to avoid recurrence, such as exercise, ergonomic advice and diet.

Back pain – Osteopaths can use many techniques to ease back and neck pain, including massage, manipulation, soft tissue work, mobilization, stretches and education on correct posture. They can also provide a range of other treatments, such as electrotherapy (including ultrasound), and exercises to help restore muscle strength and flexibility.

Baby care – Osteopathy for babies is a gentle procedure to help with problems such as torticollis, colics, reflux, and latching difficulties. The osteopath selects the appropriate treatment following a thorough examination and analysis of the medical history. dubai osteopathy

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