Pick Up Lines For Flirting

Whether you’re looking to break the ice on a dating app, text someone a flirty message, or just impress a friend, having some smooth Pick up lines for flirting at the ready can make all the difference. They’re simple, short, and feel just flirty enough to spark some interest, but avoid getting too sexy or raunchy if you don’t know the person well. They can come off as creepy, and it’s best to save those lines for a bit later on in your relationship when you have some more context.

Oftentimes, people mistakenly think that picking up lines are just for rom-com movies, but the truth is that they work in real life, too. However, it’s not just about the lines, but how you use them and how you deliver them that counts. These types of pickup lines are usually more effective when used with a playful energy and delivered in a calm, self-amused tone (think Hank Moody from Californication).

If you’re moving your conversation over to texting or using these smooth pick up lines for flirting over the phone, you want to keep it light, fun, and playful. This will allow you to get her laughing and give her a positive first impression of your personality, so she’ll be more likely to respond in kind and take the conversation to the next level. Again, the key is to use your body language and voice to convey that you’re playful and confident, not overly gregarious or obnoxious.

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