Plus Size Dresses For Women in a Variety of Styles

Whether you’re shopping for everyday basics or a statement-making piece to wear to a special occasion, you can find flattering and on-trend plus size dresses in a variety of styles. From midi to maxi dresses and even jumpsuits, you can find something that’s perfect for any occasion.

Flattering plus size dresses for pear shapes are easy to find, as this body type features wider hips and a smaller upper frame. Look for curve-creating dress styles with long hems to elongate the legs. Also consider a wrap dress that creates the illusion of an hourglass figure, and this style is ideal for apple and rectangular body types.

Another flattering plus size dress style is the A-line, which fits the top and torso in a fitted fashion before flaring out at the waist in a triangular shape. This slimming silhouette is perfect for all body shapes, but it is especially great for plus-size women starting at sizes 12 and up.

For a more dramatic effect, consider a corset dress that cinches in at the waist and pushes up the bust to exaggerate an hourglass silhouette. These styles can be worn with a blouse or jacket for work, but can also be dressed up for an event like a formal wedding.

If you want a more casual look, try straight dresses that fall from the shoulders to the waist. These styles suit apple and rectangle body types well, and they can be dressed up with a belt or scarf for extra flair. plus size dresses for women

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