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The current hotspot for overseas investors is without a doubt Egypt.Low prices means many investors are not having to approach cash starved banks who have made lending harder. Seasoned investors can put a deposit down using a credit card and pay small monthly payments on many off plan or pre construction properties

So lets learn more about Egypt. Officially the Arab Republic of Egypt situated in North Africa it includes the Sinai Peninsula,Guest Posting Egypt borders Libya to the west, Sudan to the south, and Israel and the Gaza Strip to the northeast; on the north and the east are the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, respectively. Egypt increasing tourism and desire to attract overseas property investors combined with low prices makes it a very attractive place to buy property

Egypt Property Hotspots

Tipped for the Top Sahl Hasheesh Egypt.

A stunning s mega resort in the shape of Sahl Hasheesh,with 20 five star minimum hotels and eight golf courses.Sahl Hasheesh is just 20 kilometers south of the Hurghada Airport and located along a 12 kilometer-long bay of the Red Sea. The climate here is nearly perfect year round, with averages in the winter around 14ºC and in the summer approaching 30ºC. There will be an Old Town with bars, shops and restaurants at the heart of the new development, as well as medical facilities, water sports and a sunken city for divers and snorkeling.

The first golf courses are scheduled to open in 2008, with the Old Town opening its first shops and clubs in mid year as well. Several hotels are already open, including the Pyramisa, The Oberoi and Palm Beach Piazza.

Hurghada Egypt.

Considered by many as the leading bathing resort of Egypt this area has attracted international investors.

Red Sea Egypt.

The Red Sea Riviera is a great place to dive with a stunning coastline and low prices for off plan property and new homes buyers can find cheap property in Egypt

Luxor Egypt.

Luxor is an attractive place for tourists and includes the Valley of the Kings and Karnak.Luxor is a city of some 150,000 people and is governed by special statues that allow it more autonomy

Investment property in Egypt.

Overseas investors know that profits are made on the purchase price and with low entry prices Egypt is set for good capital growth. Buying off plan property in Egypt allows investors to pay with staged payments. This means for the price of a second hand car investors can enter a market that has so much potential. The government is continuing to commit to legislative initiatives designed to enhance the investment climate demand for quality property for sale and short term let is increasing. cheap overseas holidays

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