Property Rentals Casares

Property rentals Casares
There are many holiday lettings available in the beautiful town of Casares. Whether you want to enjoy the stunning views of the coast from one of the luxury apartments in Casares Costa or a more traditional style villa on the outskirts of the town, there is something for everyone here. With 79% of the properties on offer here having a swimming pool and 67% having air conditioning, it is no surprise that this is such an ideal summer destination.

For those looking for something a little more inland, there are also many great choices in the surrounding area, too. The ‘Casares Costa’ area of the town has been developed since the early 2000s and there are some stunning properties available here, both beachside along the coastal road such as in Casares del Mar and inland surrounded by the three golf courses at Dona Julia, Casares and the world renowned championship course at Finca Cortesin.

The beauty of the ‘Casares Pueblo’ area is that it still feels like a real Spanish town and offers a refreshing break from the more commercial, built-up resorts found along the coastline. Many of the homes here are located within the whitewashed village itself, while others are set back a little in the green ‘comunidades’ where you can enjoy the stunning nature that surrounds them. This is a particularly attractive option for those who wish to get away from it all, and is sure to appeal to families with children who want to enjoy all the amenities that the region has to offer. Property rentals Casares

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