Rockwell Hardness Tester For Sale

A rockwell hardness tester for sale is a vital piece of equipment for many industrial and commercial settings. From heat treat facilities to tool rooms, workshops and laboratories, these machines allow for quick and easy non-destructive evaluations of a range of materials. From the simplest of analog models to sophisticated digital units, these testers are available in multiple configurations to meet the specific needs of users. Choose from different methods and scales to find the best fit for your needs, including Rockwell Regular and Superficial, Brinell, Leeb and Vickers.

Rockwell hardness testers use an indenter to mark the surface of the sample material and measure the depth of that indentation to determine its hardness. The size of the indentation indicates how much force is needed to penetrate the material.

These testers can be handheld or bench-mounted depending on the type of testing required. They can be used to test metals, plastics or ceramics, and are available in several different models based on the method of testing. In addition to the standard Rockwell scales, these units can also calculate and display a wide variety of other hardness values from other well-known scales like HB, HV, BH, HR, HLD, and HK.

The Brinell hardness tester is another indentation-based test that can be used on both metals and plastics. It uses a steel ball indenter to create an imprint on the sample’s surface. The diameter of the resulting indentation is then measured to identify its hardness. This method is a great choice for assessing the hardness of thicker samples that are difficult to handle with other methods.

An ultrasonic hardness tester is another non-destructive method of evaluating the quality of solid materials. These devices evaluate the thickness of materials and can detect internal defects that may be invisible to other inspection techniques. This method can be performed either by contact or immersion, and is often used in conjunction with metallographic equipment.

Buehler is a leading manufacturer of metallography equipment and supplies, which include the portable Wilson hardness tester. Buehler’s products are used worldwide in metallurgical laboratories, quality control departments, research centers and failure analysis labs. These hardness testers are designed to be used with a wide range of hardness tests, and can be upgraded with DiaMet software for increased connectivity and automation.

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