The 12 Volt Battery 20ah

The 12 volt battery 20ah is the ultimate power solution for deep cycle applications with high current demands. It features a built in microprocessor controlled BMS (Battery Management System) that monitors key operational parameters during charging and discharging, such as cell voltages, currents and internal temperatures. The PCM provides complete internal cell balancing and integrated protection along with a fast recharge rate. It is also safe to connect up to 4 batteries in parallel with a max charge current of 66A and can be used with any lead-acid charger.

This is a high-performing lithium battery based on the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry. It is a drop-in replacement for most lead VRLA or AGM batteries and offers a quadruple energy density for the same physical size, making it much lighter and smaller than traditional lead-acid power solutions. It also comes with a high-quality integrated BMS to ensure safety and performance for thousands of cycles, with no overheating or overcharging.

The Mighty Max ML22-12GEL 12 Volt 22 AH (Maintenance Free) battery has a valve regulated design that allows it to be mounted in any position and is spill proof. It does not require the addition of water, as gases generated during charging are recombined in an oxygen cycle inside the battery. Its sturdy construction is made from ABS plastic or styrene and offers excellent resistance to shock, vibration, chemicals and heat.

This is a sealed maintenance-free battery for UPS applications, fire alarm systems and emergency lighting. It has a heavy duty calcium alloy grid that provides exceptional performance and long service life for your UPS. Its high-density AGM design allows for a compact, non-spillable construction that can be installed in any orientation and is suitable for use in indoor or outdoor environments. This battery is made from lead-free materials to meet strict environmental regulations. 12 volt battery 20ah

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