The Benefits of Remote Receptionist

For companies with limited staff and physical office space, remote receptionist is the answer to delivering top-notch customer service without the cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house employee. The virtual receptionist, also known as a Live Receptionist, is the cornerstone of modern business communication and offers invaluable benefits to help businesses thrive.

In addition to handling caller queries, a virtual receptionist can dispatch your team for you if you run an appliance repair, property management, or medical practice, and they can provide after-hours support to patients. They can also schedule appointments and deliver appointment reminders to keep clients informed and prevent no-shows or cancellations.

Unlike traditional answering services and phone trees with a slew of automated options (“press 1 for sales,” for example), virtual receptionists are highly customizable and available 24/7—and you only pay for the services that you use. You can choose from a variety of pricing plans, from a per-minute rate to monthly subscriptions with a prepaid package of minutes that doesn’t expire.

When it comes to customer service, studies show that customers are much more likely to connect with a real person than with an automated answering machine or voicemail box. With remote receptionists, you can offer your clients the personal attention they deserve without the high costs of a full-time employee—and even without sacrificing productivity by allowing calls to go unanswered outside of business hours.

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