The Best Travel Coffee Mug

A reliable travel coffee mug can make the difference between enjoying a hot cup of coffee or a lukewarm sip. Whether you’re on the go on a commute or heading out for a hike, a dependable mug can help you avoid that dreaded lukewarm zone and cut down on unnecessary plastic waste. The best mugs are made from stainless steel and are designed to hold both hot and cold drinks. They also offer a variety of lid styles to suit your needs.

Some mugs are designed for those who want to chug their drink and move on, while others are more suited to the leisurely sipper. Some come with a straw so you can sip from the mug without opening the lid. There are also a range of other features to consider, including color and size. Some are more compact than other models, making them easy to fit into smaller bags. Others are a little larger and might be more suited to carrying around on hiking trails.

Many travel mugs have double-wall insulation to keep your beverage insulated and hot or cold for hours. Others have a vacuum-seal design that’s especially effective for cold beverages. You’ll also find a variety of lids, from flip lids to thumb-sliding and push-button models. While a lid isn’t essential, some are better for keeping the contents secure while you’re on the go and some are easier to open with one hand while holding the mug with the other.

If you’re looking for a large, sturdy travel mug that’s ideal for hiking or other outdoor activities, this model from Thermos is an excellent choice. It’s durable enough to survive some knocking around, keeps liquids insulated for up to nine hours and comes with a convenient tea hook that makes it easy to enjoy a cup of tea on the go. It’s also available in a wide range of other colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect match to your personal style.

The only downside is that while it’s supposed to be leak-proof, there are a small percentage of complaints from customers who say that the lid can be a bit difficult to open with one hand, while the other is in use. This isn’t a big deal, though, since the design and construction of this mug are otherwise top-notch.

This model from Contigo is another solid option for those who need a robust, leak-proof mug. It’s a little heavier than some other models and won’t fit as snugly into car cup holders as you might want, but it’s still fairly compact and will hold a substantial amount of liquid for up to 10 hours. It’s also dishwasher safe, although some customers prefer to hand wash it rather than risk leaving a mark on the glossy exterior. It’s available in a selection of bold colors as well. best travel coffee mug

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