The New Funko Store in Everett, Washington

Funko, the toy company that has been a dominant presence at comic and game conventions for years, opened its first retail store in Everett, Washington last year. It’s a mammoth space that feels like you’ve swallowed a capsule of Pym Particles and popped out into a maze of cute, fist-sized vinyl toys.

The store has been carefully designed and organized to be a one-of-a-kind experience for every fan. The company’s merchandise is divided by licensing theme (there are sections for Black Panther, Disney animation, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Comics and a whole lot more).

Each area is also filled with life-size versions of popular characters that include Fred Flintstone, Thanos and Captain Crunch. In addition, there are Pop! figurines from multi-billion dollar movie franchises, a giant Godzilla in the back and even a display dedicated to tee-shirts with popular slogans like “This is fine” and “Cocaine Bear.”

In a section called “Funko Factory,” fans can design their own POP character. They can choose the face, hair, accessories, body type and clothing for a custom figure that looks just like them. The cost for the figurine is $25 and you can add a mini pet for an additional $3.

Electrosonic has installed multiple LED displays using Nanolumens and Unilumin technology throughout the store. These displays bring the figures to life and create an immersive experience for customers that reinforces the brand and promotes sales. This includes a 12 feet x 16 feet video wall, two half-column wrap displays and a large marquee display above the point of sale. funko store

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