The Ringsmaker – A Must-Have For Jewelry Designers and Craftsmen

The Ringsmaker is a unique tool that can save you time and money. It allows you to make your own jump rings quickly and easily – in the exact size you need for your jewelry designs. Just screw a mandrel into the plastic handle and start coiling wire – it’s that easy. Use vivid Artistic wires to add color and texture, or gold filled, sterling silver, or base petal wire to create components that complement your jewelry designs.

Ringsmaker works on the same principles as the famous Weta Workshop in New Zealand which produced the amazing visual effects for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies. The tool is a combination of mechanical and digital technology and can be used in the field, in studios, or at home.

The tool has a low-flow pump that delivers coolant/lubricant directly to the blade at all times. This provides a constant flow of lubrication that keeps the blade submerged and ready to cut. The pump also has a catch basin that collects the overflow and cutting debris for re-use. The tool works best with water soluble cutting fluid (available in most hardware stores).

A unique feature of the Ringsmaker is its blade guiding groove that accomplishes two jobs at once: lining up the coil and supporting it while being cut by the blade. This is a patent-pending invention from Pepetools and one of the reasons why this machine cuts so much more smoothly and cleanly than any other tool on the market.

The Ringsmaker is a great way to save time and money while making the highest quality jump rings you can imagine. It can be used with virtually any type of jewelry wire, including difficult metals like niobium and titanium. It can also be used with wire that is normally sold in smaller quantities, such as aluminum, brass, or copper. Just a few pounds of jump rings made on the Ringsmaker will pay for itself in less than a month. It also eliminates the need for you to wait for jump rings to be shipped or picked up at a local bead store. This makes it ideal for fast turnaround and high volume production. The Ringsmaker is a must-have for every jewelry designer and artisan.

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