Tips For Taking Care of Your RV Refrigeration

A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in an RV. It keeps your food and beverages cold, and it helps you stay hydrated on the road. It’s also a big investment, so you want to take good care of it to make sure it lasts for years. This article has tips to help you keep your rv refrigeration in tip top shape.

You Can Use Your RV Refrigerator While You Drive
Most modern RVs come equipped with 2-way fridges that can run on both propane and AC power. They are popular because they offer a wide range of flexibility for campers. You can use them at established campgrounds and when you’re boondocking, and they can also run on LP gas when electricity isn’t available.

Absorption refrigerators cool down by using heat to convert ammonia into water. They work just like the fridges in your home. The ammonia is stored in a container with a liquid water solution that’s sealed into the fridge. When the refrigerator is running on propane, a burner heats the chemicals and water, which cools down the contents of the fridge.

Absorption refrigerators work best when the food in them is already cold. If you put warm or room temperature food in the fridge, it takes longer for them to cool down. It’s also helpful to allow space between foods and drinks so air can circulate freely through the fridge. A refrigerator fan can speed up the cooling process by about 50% and make temperatures more stable.

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