Top 5 Employee Communication Apps

In the age of digital workplaces, effective communication is more important than ever. employee communication apps can help streamline team communications and boost productivity.

They provide a range of features from chat to video calls. They also support multiple languages, enabling employees from diverse backgrounds to participate in discussions. They can also access information and resources easily through an integrated library and user-updatable directory.


Slack is a team communication and collaboration app that brings everything into one place. Its messaging system groups conversations into channels, which can be public or private. It also allows teams to communicate with each other through voice and video chat.

Its message history and search features help users stay up-to-date on conversations and project status. It can also be used to share files, emojis, and images.

The app also has a robust suite of integrations, including Google Drive and Trello. Its powerful collaboration tools reduce email, meetings, and distractions. It also helps ensure adherence to workplace etiquette. This way, everyone can focus on the task at hand.


Chanty is a team communication app that has a few unique features that make it stand out from its competitors. For example, it enables voice messaging for quicker replies without typing or using the keyboard. It also combines communication and collaboration in one platform, allowing employees to collaborate on projects and tasks.

Users can pin important messages, switch between views like Kanban boards and more to manage work processes. This helps improve accountability and reduce overlapping responsibilities.

Chanty also integrates with popular applications, including Zapier, to streamline workflows. It is an ideal option for a range of use cases, from marketing teams to real estate agencies.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is an online question-and-answer forum for software developers. It is used by 4.7 million registered programmers each month to find answers to their programming questions. The website is free to use and provides an excellent source of technical information. It also allows users to create and manage their own content.

Unlike internal wikis and documentation, Stack Overflow is updated and maintained by community members and is searchable. It also provides a discussion board where users can share their ideas and comments.

It is a collaborative knowledge management tool that helps teams collaborate faster. It integrates with key developer workflow tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, GitHub Enterprise and Jira.


Simpplr is an employee communication platform with features like instant messaging, group chat, collaborative editing, content sharing, and social workspaces. It is available on a subscription based pricing model. It supports multiple languages and provides a secure file storage solution. It also includes tools for project management, a team directory, and an internal communications dashboard.

Users can access the application via public app stores, reducing adoption barriers. The recognizable branding also fosters trust and confidence, improving engagement with mobile app content. Additionally, Simpplr has integrations with Okta and Salesforce identity, allowing staff to access content utilizing a single sign-on. This eliminates the need for technical support.

Workforce Insights

Workforce Insights accelerates the people decision pipeline with sophisticated data analytics placed directly into HR users’ hands. One popular analytic is the Diversity Analysis Analytics which allows organizations to see how their workforce compares on a variety of characteristics including gender, ethnicity, age and veteran status.

Unlike traditional performance metrics, which are based on historical and current data and are not optimal predictors of future success, pymetrics utilizes an evergreen, bidirectional and de-biased dataset. This is an ideal data source for people leaders in evolving workplaces.

Workforce Insights works best when used in conjunction with dashboards that contain at least one chart that uses data from a BPMN process. When enabled, Workforce Insights will appear in the Measurements modal for any dashboard that contains a chart using this data set.


Trello is an easy-to-use, visual kanban tool for team productivity with built-in automation features. Its intuitive design requires minimal training and can be used on any device. It also supports collaboration and provides work flexibility.

Team members can comment and collaborate on projects using boards, lists, and cards. They can also add labels, due dates, and checklists to keep track of tasks. The app also lets team members access their lists and cards on mobile devices.

It integrates with other tools such as Slack and GitHub to allow team members to quickly turn Slack notifications into Trello cards and link GitHub commits into project backlogs. Its agile functionality also enables development teams to manage their sprints with ease.

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