Types of Camper Air Conditioners

When you’re camping in your pop up camper, you need to find a way to keep the interior cool. The type of camper ac you choose is going to have a big impact on your comfort, not to mention how much power it will use or the noise level it creates.

Rooftop Units

Rooftop RV air conditioners are the most common type of camper ac out there. These units mount on top of your RV’s roof and either include a ceiling-mounted control panel or wire directly to the thermostat inside your trailer. They are known for having some of the highest cooling capacities out there, and they also don’t take up any space inside your camper.

One downside of these units is that they can obstruct your view and reduce the amount of natural sunlight that comes into your living space. Additionally, some people find that they are louder than other types of camper ac and can keep them awake at night or disturb their campground neighbors.

Often, these units are a little bit more expensive than other camper ac options. However, some of the latest models are lighter and more energy efficient than ever before, so it’s worth doing a little research to see which ones might be right for your rig.

Another popular option is a portable RV air conditioner. These units are designed to sit outside one of your window vents and pull hot air out of your camper while pushing cooler air in. They are usually less expensive than rooftop units, but they can still be noisy and may obstruct your view or release fumes into the camper when you aren’t using them. norcold camper ac

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