Video Editing SDK for Mobile Apps

Easily add the best video editing experience to your mobile apps.

Faster, easier and more reliable than building it from scratch!
Make stunning videos with the latest video processing technology and advanced features like augmented reality filters to wrangle the most epic moments.
Boost your app engagement, increase CTR and brand awareness with impressive video content that will make you look like a million dollars.
Enhanced Video Editing SDK tools and effects streamline your engineering team’s workflow and keep users coming back for more.

Most importantly, your application will look great on any device or screen with Pixel SDK’s powerful graphics and animation accelerated by Metal and GPUImage3. The SDK’s headless API powers all video operations including crop, rotate, resize, merge, overlay and much more.

Best of all, our UI is designed to match your app’s look and feel so you can create the most compelling experience.

Video Editor a must have in any social media centric app

Top-notch video editing capabilities allow your users to create impressive montage videos that can be viewed in full HD with or without an internet connection.

Most importantly, your users will love the experience. With ComVideoKit’s advanced video features your users can easily make a high-end product demo, travel itinerary or vlog about their latest adventure.

The best part is the scalability and flexibility of the SDK, making it an ideal fit for your mobile application.

With the power of ComVideoKit you can add video editing, audio and effects to your mobile apps in a matter of minutes. You will not only be able to showcase your product in its best light, but also provide an engaging and entertaining experience that can improve retention and help you win the competition.

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