Voice Over Acting 101

Voice over, sometimes referred to as VO or voice acting, is the process of recording a text for audio and video purposes. It is a common practice used in films, cartoons, and commercials. Voice over actors are often hired to provide a specific type of narration. There are a variety of different types of voice overs that can be produced depending on the needs of the client. Some of these include narration, dubbing, sound effects, and character voices. It is a popular career choice for many because it allows them to work independently, have flexible hours and choose their own projects.

It is not necessary to have a formal education in order to get started in voice over acting. However, it is important to hone your skills and to have a strong command of the vocabulary that is commonly used in the industry. Many aspiring voice over actors attend classes and workshops to develop their skills. Often, these classes will allow aspiring voice actors to perform and receive feedback from other students in the class. This will help aspiring voice actors to build their confidence and improve their ability to read from a script quickly and with ease.

Creating a voice over demo is also an important step for aspiring voice actors. Having a professional voice over demo is often the first impression that a potential client will have of your vocal abilities. It is important to have a variety of voice overs on your demo that showcase the range of your abilities. Some common voice overs to feature on your demo include a newscaster reading a weather report, an animation character speaking, and an ordinary man discussing his day.

Good enunciation and pronunciation are essential for all voice overs. It is also important to have a good understanding of the script that you are performing and how it relates to the video or film that it is being recorded for. The pacing of the script will vary according to the project, and it is important to know how to pace yourself in order to stay on cue with the video.

When working on a voice over it is important to watch the video that you are recording for so that you can match up your audio with the visuals. If you are not able to do this, it is important to leave some silence at the beginning and end of your audio, so that it can be edited later on in order to match up the two files.

As a freelancer, it is also important to be aware of the different rates that are being offered for the type of voice over that you are recording for. It is important to compare these rates with the amount of time that you will need to do the job, in order to ensure that you are getting paid fairly for your work. Also, be sure to check in with your local SAG-AFTRA office and other resources for a list of voice over agents that may be able to represent you. voice over

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