What Can Private Carers Do For Elderly People?

A Private Carer is a home care worker who is independently contracted and does not work for a family or agency. Caregivers often work on a freelance basis and agree their rates directly with clients although many choose to specialise in a specific type of home care. Private Carers can provide a wide range of services including but not limited to:

Some families feel this is more flexible and feel they have greater control when hiring privately but it can be a time consuming process when looking for the right carer. This involves searching online, interviewing and checking references. This may be difficult for seniors who are already struggling with day-to-day tasks and can often lead to delays in finding the right person.

Private Caregivers can also be more expensive than agencies as there are additional costs involved such as background checks, payroll taxes and insurance. If a private caregiver is injured while working in your home, you are liable for any compensation claims. This is why some people decide to buy extra home insurance coverage for their private caregivers which covers them for job related accidents in their own homes.

A well-trained private carer can offer discreet personal assistance and support for elderly people. In addition, they can assist with running errands and organising appointments for their client. This can help with socialisation and re-open doors to activities that once fitted their lifestyle. They can even introduce them to new hobbies that they never considered before. Private Carers

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