What Happens at the IVF Clinic

If you’re trying to get pregnant through IVF, your fertility specialist will prescribe injectable hormone medications designed to encourage multiple eggs to develop in the follicles of your ovaries. The type and dosage of these medications will be customized for your situation, based on factors like age, AMH levels, and your response to ovarian stimulation medication in previous IVF cycles.

After the follicles have reached a certain size, you’ll receive a trigger shot that triggers your ovaries to release mature eggs. This process is called egg retrieval and usually takes less than 30 minutes, performed while you’re asleep under conscious sedation.

The eggs are then combined with sperm in our on-site state-of-the-art laboratory for fertilization. On average, about 7 to 10 of the retrieved eggs will be successful at becoming fertilized embryos. If the fertilized embryos don’t progress to a stage suitable for transfer, they’re frozen for future use.

Embryo cryopreservation is done at the mature (MII) or immature (GV) stage, depending on your doctor’s recommendation and your history. Some people choose to have additional embryos frozen for a second chance at pregnancy, or for peace of mind in case their first pregnancy doesn’t stick.

Our staff is devoted to helping you start your family. Whether you’re looking for a compassionate therapist, financial coordinators who help you maximize your insurance coverage, or nurses who know you by name, we can provide the care you need throughout your IVF journey.

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