What is a Personal Trainer Online?

Personal trainer online is a service that allows you to work with a fitness professional through video chat, app, or website. This type of training is often more affordable than working with a personal trainer in-person, but it can also be difficult to find the right fit. Some websites offer a trainer matching service, while others allow you to choose a trainer based on their profile and specialties. When choosing an online trainer, make sure they have credentials and a valid certification that you can verify on their site or by contacting the certifying agency directly.

Most online personal trainers will schedule a consultation call or meet in person to get to know you and assess your fitness level. They may ask you to perform a few mobility movements or workouts in front of them, so they can learn how your body moves and if there are any limitations that might need to be taken into account. They will also talk to you about your goals and expectations for the programme and explain what kind of support they can provide you with.

Most PTs will also offer nutrition support and advice. They can help you create a diet plan and provide tips for meal prep, tracking calories and carbs, or addressing an occasional dietary lapse. And of course, they can remind you that a little self-care is okay, too. After all, the only person who can really make a difference in your health is you. Personlig tränare online

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