What is a Soft Wash Car Wash?

A soft wash car wash is a type of automatic drive-thru wash where you remain inside your vehicle as it goes through the tunnel system. Also known as a cloth or friction car wash, it uses specialized cloth cleaning materials to clean the bodywork of your vehicle. The soft “cloth” part of the system looks much like an oversized fringed curtain made out of a soft felt material. A lubricating soap solution keeps the fabric or foam lubricated to make it easier to shift dried-on dirt and contaminants.

This system combines effective soap foam solutions with mild friction to remove dirt and salt from your car’s exterior. The soft cloth or foam can easily reach those hard-to-reach crevices that are missed by brush or bristle-based systems. It is also less abrasive on the paint than brushes and bristles, which can damage side-view mirrors and antennas.

As the wash system carries your car through its cleaning cycle, it releases a continuous deluge of soap and water to keep the closed-cell foam or soft cloth lubricated and effectively removing organic contaminants such as bird droppings and bugs, as well as inorganic dirt such as road salt and ice. Once the wash cycle is complete, a high-pressure rinse with clean water is used to rinse off the vehicle and a drying aid or forced air drier is applied as a finishing touch.

A soft wash car wash is a great option for people who want to maintain the value of their vehicles, but prefer to avoid the high-pressure water jets and brushes found in traditional automatic drive-thru car washes. It provides a thorough, gentle, and efficient cleaning without the need for a lot of personal involvement, so you can go back to your day job or other responsibilities in no time. soft wash car wash

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